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 Can we continue to sow seeds of love when we are feeling depleted within ourselves?



At times in our life we wonder how we can rise above the challenges that face us. We may feel so emotionally depleted it is difficult to recognise the beauty and wonder of life. For myself it comes down to our willingness to change our mindset. If we are not able to sift our focus within ourselves then the outside world contains endless examples of willingness that can  inspire us. 

photo (36) This lone flower demonstrates its willingness to survive within concrete. As I observed this tiny flower on my morning walk ,I thought that it must be a struggle to survive in such harsh conditions. Then I realised that although it was surrounded by concrete its roots were being nurtured because they were firmly within the embrace of Mother Earth. So too we are essentially nurtured by Mother Earth, the sun rises each day to give us light and sets to enable us to rest.



A wonderful example of willingness took place on a train trip. Our train was stopped by a large tree branch across the track. Buses were to replace the train which meant a much longer trip to Sydney. Lots of passengers mumbled and grumbled about the delays. Accepting the changes I walked onto the platform to wait. Before long I noticed a lady with a small group surrounding her. Curious about what was happening I joined the small group and discovered they were watching the lady paint. Later when I chatted to the lady she explained to me that the reason she and her teenage son were on the train was because he had refused to board the plane they had booked for their trip to Brisbane. Her special needs son disliked crowds so the mother thought a train cabin was the best option. The family was returning to Brisbane where the recent bushfires had destroyed their home. As her son was sleeping the mum ( A portrait artist ) decided to make the most of the delay and paint the portrait of two passengers.The elderly woman in the picture loved it so much she bought the painting. As she did so the elderly lady explained she had just returned from overseas where she had her portrait painted in Paris. Sadly she left that portrait on a train. The elderly lady went on to say that she loved the picture painted by the lady at the station so much more than the portrait she had lost.



Not only was I inspired by the willingness of this amazing artist to make the most of the situation, I felt honoured and enriched by the experience. Seeds of love and respect were planted on a railway platform that day as strangers laughed and shared stories. No one noticed the delay rather we all focused on enjoying the moment.

When you plant seeds of love, it’s you that blossoms. ~ Ma Jay Sati Bhagauati





The adventure of life is to Learn.

The purpose of life is to Grow.

The challenge of life is to Overcome.

The essense of life is to Care.

The opportunity of life is to Serve.

The secret of life is to Dare.

The spice of life is to Befriend.

The beauty of life is to Give.

The joy of life is to Love.

~ William Arthur Ward.





The beauty of light.


How beautiful is the light that shines on this lovely flower . While the flower alone is quite stunning, the light that shines on it adds another dimension to that beauty as it emphasises the richness and structure of each individual part of the whole.

In our own lives we reflect our light to the world, as times that light might seem dim to you , however the richness and depth of that light always remains, even if we do not see it. The beauty of who you are when you open to your true nature ; warms and nurture’s those around you. The gleam in your eye, the brightness of your presence may give strength  and hope to another. The love and light you are touches everything around you .


    “A candle loses none of its light by lighting another “~ Rumi 

Feel the living promise that is you.

At times the living promise within you pulses so strongly that you feel you can fly. It opens your heart and mind to dream as you float in this  glorious place of unlimited possibilities, filled with hope and gratitude for all that is.   At other times the joy and wonder of this universe within becomes diminished, sometimes for weeks, months or years. The music of the soul dims as Hope struggles to warm a lost and saddened heart. Yet the living promise remains to take you on a journey to the true of who you are.



Finding a way to make peace with life’s challenges and to remain open to our living promise may mean focusing all your energy on the present moment and seeking something that brings you joy. Even if that something seems insignificant to others. Little by little you can extend that focus as you claim your place in this beautiful world of ours. At one time my heart was so heavy I struggled to focus on anything or free myself of uncertainty.  It came about that I bought a tuning fork that resinated to A. When I played the running fork it sound like the buzz of a bee. The sound of the bee reminded me of the honey of life I was missing out on. After that bees appeared all around me in one form or another. With the tuning fork I felt I was recalibrating  my heart to the living promise and joy of who I am.

photo (158)

What joy enables you to feel the beauty of your living promise?





                             The love we are touches all we see.


Once we begin to follow our heart’s wisdom, we come to understand that the power of love gives meaning to our life. As we struggle with pain and trauma our world shrinks to accommodate that pain as we withdraw into ourselves. The veils between our heart and soul then begin to shadow the beauty and wonder of everyday life. The magic and mystery is still there as we view our life from the shadows, yet our pain prevents us from feeling the warmth of love’s embrace.

IMG_0467When we are able to make peace with what troubles us, those veils begin to lift to once again. At times just a simple thing like a stranger’s smile, an unexpected message or phone call can shift our focus and help us seek a way of feeling better. When we find a space to feel better in our heart opens more and more to the endless ocean of love that is in us and surrounds us.


Recently I began a series of eBooks . Love’s Reflection is the second  mini book in that series. This post is a sample from Loves Reflection. If you wish to read more click on the link






Image 2Does the Natural World help you to source your inner joy?

Recently a friend of mind had a visit from a Rainbow Lorikeet who did exactly that ~ enabled her to reconnect with her inner joy. My friend rang me and explained excitedly that her heart had been weighed down with concern for the day ahead when a single Lorikeet landed close by and sang to her. As she watch the bight and beautiful bird she felt her spirit lighten. Touched  and grateful for the visit of the joyful lorikeet she felt much happier about the day ahead. To read about the spiritual meaning of Rainbow Lorikeet click here.

The Rainbow Lorikeet is a lively, social, fun loving bird that bring colour and joy into our lives. These fast moving, nectar loving birds have adapted to change by sourcing food in areas such as backyards where flowering plants and trees provide the food they enjoy. Rainbow Lorikeets nest in hollows in trees, such hollows enable new life to burst forth.



At a time in my life when my spirit was broken, it was the creatures of this world, especially birds who filled those empty hollows in my soul.

Learning to make peace with our past and coming to terms with trauma can leave you feeling broken. When I felt lost and alone, I spent time in the Blue Mountains sitting for hours, filling the empty spaces in my soul with the joy and aliveness that birds bring to our world. The freedom that birds inspire can help us to lighten our spirit.  To read my story of reconnecting to Inner Joy through the Natural World click on Triumph of Joy 




The Spirit of the Soul

While out walking one morning I noticed a waterfall created by recent heavy rain.  A perfect miniature waterfull. As the fast moving water ran down smooth , sandstone rocks it  rushed into a tiny rockpool , swiring around and around. The rainwater  followed  the pathway it had created until it reached the water’s edge ~to be at one with the  nearby river.  As I continued my walk , a thought crossed my mind.” Water is attracted to water; unless it’s contained ~water will find a way to become one.”


***   Is water a good anology for our Soul? I wondered ***.

Does out soul travel it’s own path and then make its way naturally back as part of the conciuosness of all that is.  And what of our Spirit?   In my personal experience of  our life’s journey , our spirit is the spark  that ignites the soul into motion ~  to call forth expriences  that are uniquely ours for a moment in time.  In a way just like the miniatute waterfall, unique unto itself.

On my return walk I picked up a camellia flower and decided to place the flower in the tiny rock pool. The flower, I decided would represented my spirit, floating gently  to and fro on in the waters of my soul.  Seperate yet together.

The perfect miniature waterfall . A precious moment in time never be created in exactly the same way again: a precious moment  that enabled me to ponder the question.” What is the Spirit and what is the Soul? “

The Language of Love.


How does the language of LOVE speak to you? There are so many ways. The whispering of our soul opens our heart to love’s endless doorways. Love shines with the sun, dances with the rain, caresses with the wind, rejoices in kindness, and uplifts with a gentle kiss.  In the eyes of another we see love’s spark, in the warmth of their hand we feel their love flow freely.

Within the captivating smile of a child we know truth.

The warm sand gives way under my feet leaving momentary footprints soon to be washed out to sea~  yet love always remains . Love is the sound of the seagulls through  freedoms cry, love soars within the vast sky. Nature’s  beauty sings of love from the cliff tops, the crashing of the waves and the rhythmic swaying of seaweed. Love embeds  deeply in our soul.

I sigh, because this is who I am.  In the living promise of Mother Earth I know love.


Free as only truth can be.

Kindness filtered through,
The desert of her mind,
Warm rays of friendship,
Caressed her heart anew.

Lingering in hidden spaces,
No longer destitute of light,
Tender shoots burst forth,
Upon newly tended soil of her soul.

Hope springs forth,
Liberated by caring words and deeds,
Nurtured by earthly Angel’s bright,
Her soul opens to the light.


At times we feel lost and disconnect with ourselves. One particular morning  when I experienced  a deep sense of disconnection  I choose  to shift my focus outside myself  by walking down to the nearby water. Focusing my mind on bringing light to the self doubt that was clouding my soul, I tuned into the great Silence. Walking immediately shifted my focus to the universal energy of the natural world.  Only a few meters away, hidden amongst the sandstone rock face is a sacred place I sit to relax and open up to the silence.

Settling myself on a sandstone ledge streaked with ochre, I watched two busy wattle birds dart from tree to tree. Surrounded by grevilleas and bottle brushes, I stilled my mind to focus on what was troubling me.  As a relatively new writer, my confidence at times slips away, like the tide retreating at the water’s edge.  Within the moment of stilling my mind – a bee landed on a yellow grevillea flower.  As I watched the bee I knew the tiny creature conducted its business without any uncertainty. A bee knows how to be a bee.  The bee is giving a service to the world around it. Not only is pollen food for the bee, but some of the pollen drops in flight, which allows cross pollination to take place, benefiting both the plant and the insect.  This process of sharing is known as symbiosis.

 In that instance my spirits rose as I realised as a writer my words are the sweet nectar of my soul.  The tiny bee was showing me just as it sourced nectar for itself it also benefited others. Something I was aching to  … be of service.  That morning I refocused on the healing power I find in words; which are the nectar of my soul. Image