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Can pivotal moments change lives? In an instant can you turn from despair to hope?

For me the answer is YES definitely! Like so many people 2016 was a very tough year! Hanging on by the fingertips emotionally, I felt challenged on so many levels. To the point where I had no energy to continue writing my second book. Each day seemed a challenge. While I believed I had healed pretty well from a traumatic past, I discovered I had to dig even deeper to make peace with past memories that had been triggered by certain events early in 2016. The natural world enabled me to touch the inner silence and acknowledge that any resistance on my part to unresolved pain would only hold me back.


When the opportunity presented itself to share in the journey of 365 Life Shifts  I said YES!  While still feeling emotionally depleted I realised I had been offered a lifeboat in turbulent seas. Passionate about sharing the beauty and wonder of this world I knew my story offered hope to others. Hope to me is the sunshine of the soul. Supported lovingly by Facebook friends, writers Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck, I was excited and blessed to share my story of a pivotal moment that changed my thought-form enabling me to heal and thrive.


A little of my story : Finding myself a widow at 47 years old, I felt empty and broken. Mirrors taunted me with that emptiness until I found the courage to take responsibility for my own pain. In that painful and precious moment of truly facing myself, hope swelled in my heart, hope of living fully and reconnecting with my true nature. Yes it did take time to heal, however once I made the decision to take responsibility for my own pain many teachers and guides crossed my path. My totem Crow, whom I write about in my book Triumph of Joy, reminded me to see the past as a teacher; the present as the place of creativity; and the future as a place of inspiration.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed and disappointed that I had achieved very little in 2016, I had February 21 st  2017 to look forward too! Today I share this sacred place with other wonderful contributors as we cross continents and share stories heart to heart to bring hope and inspiration to a world in need of hope and tenderness.

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How will you paint your day? With love, joy and gratitude ?


Regardless if it’s rain, hail or shine each day is a blank canvas upon which you paint your day. Your attitude guides the stroke of your brush and the colour and experience you bring to your day. May your day be filled with joy, love and gratitude.

Attitude Quotes 



The adventure of life is to Learn.

The purpose of life is to Grow.

The challenge of life is to Overcome.

The essense of life is to Care.

The opportunity of life is to Serve.

The secret of life is to Dare.

The spice of life is to Befriend.

The beauty of life is to Give.

The joy of life is to Love.

~ William Arthur Ward.





The Treasure Within



         Everyone On Earth Has a Treasure That Awaits Him. ~ Paulo Coelho.


How do you feel about this quote?  Do you believe you have a gift within you that you would love to nurture and possibly share with the world? Can you feel the power of that gift. What is the difference between believing and knowing? Not only do I believe these words to be true, but I know them to be true for myself because I have embraced my fear of both writing and public speaking. Overcoming those fears has enabled me to grow in more ways than I could ever have imagined. In my experience believing is a question of trusting; of accepting, of having faith, whereas knowing is experiencing and being cognisant with the treasure within.


It is often when we are taken to the depths of despair that we discover a wellspring of understanding about who we are. That understanding may come from simply knowing ourselves more fully. It may begin with hope ! When we are without hope we are not in alignment with our inner treasure. Our understanding may also come from knowing what we don’t want in our life. When we define what no longer serves us, we become more sensitive to life experiences and can adjust our attitude to ways that serves the self  in a positive way.

Little by little as we let go of self judgment and become more aware of others, that    inner treasure begins to pulsate as the living promise we really are.

Love’s Reflection

Have you felt at times that your heart is so full of joy and gratitude that you almost burst ! Those moments are precious and bind us to the truth of who we really are. It was in this magic moment that I began to write LOVE’S REFLECTION . It seemed to me that the overwhelming love I felt for life was reflected back to me in so many ways. It may be in the smile of another, the joyous wag of an excited dog’s trail, a glorious rose whose beauty stopped me in my tracks. There were endless way that love was mirrored back to me!


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You are not alone on the web of life

Triumph Of Joy

Often we feel so alone in our pain, we believe there is no way out. Yet all around us others are experiencing loneliness, and despair. Some people may have undergone very similar life experiences. Emotional pain can distract us from seeing what is around us. As Human Beings we wish to love and be loved, we want to matter in the world.


In my experience once I found the courage to acknowledge what was holding me back, I took responsibility for that pain. When I learnt to be kind to myself and acknowledge  that I had done the very best I could,  I found other people were happy to support me and to share their personal truth with me.


As my beautiful Pelican friends teach us,  the energy we put into healing ourselves can benefit others. When the air is still a Pelican will fly to the front on…

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Making peace with what is






How do we make peace with what is when our hearts are weighted down by doubts or fears? When the chatter in our mind catches us in a web of past emotional pain and it’s a struggle to resist alining with old thought patterns. We may no longer wish to live from past pain, but how do we break free ? A loved one may be suffering, or we may see no solution to something that troubles us. At these times we may feel helpless, angry or frustrated.

 So how do we shift the shadow that covers our heart?  Image

At times Mother Earth is the key. The natural world has the power to take us outside of self, yet draw us closer to who we really are. The feel of the wind on our face, an expansive sky, the magical sound of water all bring an aliveness to our senses that helps us to ground into the present moment. As we fill ourselves with this energy we see and feel things around us that uplift the spirit. Filling ourselves with aliveness, the beauty and wonder of the natural world brings a sense of balance that softens the pain and doubt.


Noticed how this rose’s beauty is intensified by the raindrops hugging its petals. As you focus on the beauty of the rose, allow yourself to be drawn into it’s essence.Be aware how perfectly it is formed, sense how each gracious each petal curves into the next. Each a separate yet an integral part of the whole. Loose yourself into the heart of the rose as you connect to its beauty and with the beauty of who you are. As you focus, you are freeing your mind of chatter and allowing peace to expand in your heart and mind.

               Ultimately it’s your willing to make peace with what is that matters. 





Ageless Love

Is morning a magical time for you? Are you an early riser who loves to be there at sunrise? Living close to the water is a blessing many people enjoy. Walkers, joggers, bike riders, mums and dad’s with prams take advantage of the walking traces around the bay where I live.There is a buoyancy about the early morning, as strangers wish each other a “Good Morning ” as they pass by. Of all those who I meet along my path there is one particular couple who capture my heart.


They are an elderly couple who are always holding hands and are completely immersed  in each other. My heart does a flip each time I see them walking together as their devotion and love for each other shines out like a bright star in the evening sky. The couple remind me of a time when I held a warm, strong hand in mine. While that strong hand is no longer there, the memory and warmth always remain.

After all love is forever. Love is ageless.   Final image for poem no 2



                             The love we are touches all we see.


Once we begin to follow our heart’s wisdom, we come to understand that the power of love gives meaning to our life. As we struggle with pain and trauma our world shrinks to accommodate that pain as we withdraw into ourselves. The veils between our heart and soul then begin to shadow the beauty and wonder of everyday life. The magic and mystery is still there as we view our life from the shadows, yet our pain prevents us from feeling the warmth of love’s embrace.

IMG_0467When we are able to make peace with what troubles us, those veils begin to lift to once again. At times just a simple thing like a stranger’s smile, an unexpected message or phone call can shift our focus and help us seek a way of feeling better. When we find a space to feel better in our heart opens more and more to the endless ocean of love that is in us and surrounds us.


Recently I began a series of eBooks . Love’s Reflection is the second  mini book in that series. This post is a sample from Loves Reflection. If you wish to read more click on the link