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 Can we continue to sow seeds of love when we are feeling depleted within ourselves?



At times in our life we wonder how we can rise above the challenges that face us. We may feel so emotionally depleted it is difficult to recognise the beauty and wonder of life. For myself it comes down to our willingness to change our mindset. If we are not able to sift our focus within ourselves then the outside world contains endless examples of willingness that can  inspire us. 

photo (36) This lone flower demonstrates its willingness to survive within concrete. As I observed this tiny flower on my morning walk ,I thought that it must be a struggle to survive in such harsh conditions. Then I realised that although it was surrounded by concrete its roots were being nurtured because they were firmly within the embrace of Mother Earth. So too we are essentially nurtured by Mother Earth, the sun rises each day to give us light and sets to enable us to rest.



A wonderful example of willingness took place on a train trip. Our train was stopped by a large tree branch across the track. Buses were to replace the train which meant a much longer trip to Sydney. Lots of passengers mumbled and grumbled about the delays. Accepting the changes I walked onto the platform to wait. Before long I noticed a lady with a small group surrounding her. Curious about what was happening I joined the small group and discovered they were watching the lady paint. Later when I chatted to the lady she explained to me that the reason she and her teenage son were on the train was because he had refused to board the plane they had booked for their trip to Brisbane. Her special needs son disliked crowds so the mother thought a train cabin was the best option. The family was returning to Brisbane where the recent bushfires had destroyed their home. As her son was sleeping the mum ( A portrait artist ) decided to make the most of the delay and paint the portrait of two passengers.The elderly woman in the picture loved it so much she bought the painting. As she did so the elderly lady explained she had just returned from overseas where she had her portrait painted in Paris. Sadly she left that portrait on a train. The elderly lady went on to say that she loved the picture painted by the lady at the station so much more than the portrait she had lost.



Not only was I inspired by the willingness of this amazing artist to make the most of the situation, I felt honoured and enriched by the experience. Seeds of love and respect were planted on a railway platform that day as strangers laughed and shared stories. No one noticed the delay rather we all focused on enjoying the moment.

When you plant seeds of love, it’s you that blossoms. ~ Ma Jay Sati Bhagauati




What is the work in your heart?


How many times have you heard the words “Don’t give up on your Dreams!”Sometimes those words resonate and inspire you, yet at other times they feel hollow and unattainable. Initially the energy and intent to achieve your dreams, even without obvious results, comes easily and naturally. You continue day after day, often for long periods of time maintaining your belief and enthusiasm. Then one day you experience a lull in energy and enthusiasm. It becomes a challenge to inspire yourself to continue, especially if you are working for yourself. Sometimes in these empty moments a spark remains to warm your dream, yet at other times maybe due to circumstances out of your control, this dream becomes no more than a dull ache in your heart.

During a time of when the spark was fading on my dreams, something special occurred.

A blue triangle Butterfly landed on my arm as I stood overlooking Fig-Tree Bay near my home. Excited to be visited by one of nature’s creatures I focused on the butterfly’s silent beauty. To my delight the Blue Triangle butterfly stayed on my arm when I returned home. As I focused on my visitor I realized it was the same butterfly on the cover of my first book Triumph of Joy. To my delight the butterfly continued to sit on my arm for several hours as I worked on my computer. While the butterfly sat silent and unmoving I felt a stirring within, an excitement I had not experienced for quite a while ~ I wanted to write again!

    My heart sang as and I offered up gratitude to the beautiful butterfly. 


Supporting one another

Have you felt at times that you were standing alone; like a single tree alone in a paddock?  I felt that way also, partly because I was very independent and enjoyed doing things myself. However the time came when my mind , body and spirit were so deleted I not longer had the capacity to stand alone, and needed to stand amongst like minded others.  photo (6)

Since that challenging time I have learnt to reach out for support and nourishment from those around me . I doing so I have come to understand the power of standing together, and now enjoy being encircled within a supportive network . Nature has allowed us to bare witness to the benefit that supporting those around you offers.  Recent research has revealed that in a forest, the trees provide a underground support network of roots and fungi that share carbon, water and nutrients with other trees and that rather than survival of the fitness, trees help and support other trees to survive.  Larger trees can communicate and help smaller trees. So much so that a dying tree will transfere its nutrients to other trees, until it falls.

People can only live fully by helping others to live ~ Daisaku Ikeda

Image 5



Making peace with what is






How do we make peace with what is when our hearts are weighted down by doubts or fears? When the chatter in our mind catches us in a web of past emotional pain and it’s a struggle to resist alining with old thought patterns. We may no longer wish to live from past pain, but how do we break free ? A loved one may be suffering, or we may see no solution to something that troubles us. At these times we may feel helpless, angry or frustrated.

 So how do we shift the shadow that covers our heart?  Image

At times Mother Earth is the key. The natural world has the power to take us outside of self, yet draw us closer to who we really are. The feel of the wind on our face, an expansive sky, the magical sound of water all bring an aliveness to our senses that helps us to ground into the present moment. As we fill ourselves with this energy we see and feel things around us that uplift the spirit. Filling ourselves with aliveness, the beauty and wonder of the natural world brings a sense of balance that softens the pain and doubt.


Noticed how this rose’s beauty is intensified by the raindrops hugging its petals. As you focus on the beauty of the rose, allow yourself to be drawn into it’s essence.Be aware how perfectly it is formed, sense how each gracious each petal curves into the next. Each a separate yet an integral part of the whole. Loose yourself into the heart of the rose as you connect to its beauty and with the beauty of who you are. As you focus, you are freeing your mind of chatter and allowing peace to expand in your heart and mind.

               Ultimately it’s your willing to make peace with what is that matters. 





The beauty of light.


How beautiful is the light that shines on this lovely flower . While the flower alone is quite stunning, the light that shines on it adds another dimension to that beauty as it emphasises the richness and structure of each individual part of the whole.

In our own lives we reflect our light to the world, as times that light might seem dim to you , however the richness and depth of that light always remains, even if we do not see it. The beauty of who you are when you open to your true nature ; warms and nurture’s those around you. The gleam in your eye, the brightness of your presence may give strength  and hope to another. The love and light you are touches everything around you .


    “A candle loses none of its light by lighting another “~ Rumi 

Feel the living promise that is you.

At times the living promise within you pulses so strongly that you feel you can fly. It opens your heart and mind to dream as you float in this  glorious place of unlimited possibilities, filled with hope and gratitude for all that is.   At other times the joy and wonder of this universe within becomes diminished, sometimes for weeks, months or years. The music of the soul dims as Hope struggles to warm a lost and saddened heart. Yet the living promise remains to take you on a journey to the true of who you are.



Finding a way to make peace with life’s challenges and to remain open to our living promise may mean focusing all your energy on the present moment and seeking something that brings you joy. Even if that something seems insignificant to others. Little by little you can extend that focus as you claim your place in this beautiful world of ours. At one time my heart was so heavy I struggled to focus on anything or free myself of uncertainty.  It came about that I bought a tuning fork that resinated to A. When I played the running fork it sound like the buzz of a bee. The sound of the bee reminded me of the honey of life I was missing out on. After that bees appeared all around me in one form or another. With the tuning fork I felt I was recalibrating  my heart to the living promise and joy of who I am.

photo (158)

What joy enables you to feel the beauty of your living promise?