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 Do you honour yourself and your gifts ?


For many of us, self judgement blocks us from our true essence. Often we compare ourselves to others and then feel we fall short. Finding the true reason for self judgement enables us to free ourselves from often long established patterns. It was during my healing journey I finally faced up to feeling less than…  Growing up with a father who had a brilliant memory left me feeling I wasn’t too bright. At school rote learning was valued highly and a creative mind less so. With a very creative mind and a strong sense of adventure I thrived on an outdoor life.


It was not until I focused on “healing “after years of supporting my mentally ill husband that I found the courage to look in the mirror . As a carer I had lost contact with who I was, my mirror reflected that emptiness. To heal I focused on letting go of self judgement as I leant to honour myself. During this time I read Socrates words “ Wisest is he who know he knows not. ” The impact of those words was immediate as I realised I didn’t need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the world ! Once the door was open to discover my gifts I never looked back. It was time to honour my creative mind. My lessons  I recognised came through  personal experience, storytelling and feelings. Once I acknowledged my personal truth I embraced my creative mind that travels like the speed of light at times ! Accepting  and honouring my strengths freed me to soar like Eagle  above the self limitation I had imposed on myself.

May you soar like  Eagle  Blessing Pauline











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Recent Review of Triumph of Joy ~  S. Myers on November 8, 2016
This memoir is written from the depths of anguish as the author struggles to reclaim her passion for life and her sense of self after personal tragedy. The journey is victorious and joy ultimately prevails; we are right there with Pauline Robinson every step of the way. She is a lovely writer, with a keen talent for describing the spiritual gifts that nature brings to those that grieve. Anyone familiar with the wreckage that PTSD inflicts on those who have served and their families, will want to read this and share it. “Triumph of Joy” provides a path through a terrible storm.
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Free to be you.




How magical it is when we are free to be who we are. When we give our self permission to let go of judgement of self and others and find the courage to celebrate our uniqueness. When you embrace the essence of self; all the years of pain and self doubt fall away as you soar like Eagle. Guiding on life’s thermals with freshly gained confidence, you acknowledge how good it feels to be you and to do what you love! Do longer does the past weigh you down; nor define who you are. Living fully as yourself, you now recognise the past as your teacher, the moment as your creativity and the future as you inspiration.

The world opens to you and your heart fills with gratitude knowing that you have faced and endured many trials in life.  Those experiences have made you stronger and helped you gain a greater understanding of yourself and others and you have come to know the true power of the human spirit…As your wings expand even further, you are able to see the world and yourself in a different light. You are able to see the bigger picture and no longer feel small or contained but know in your heart you are so much more than you ever allowed yourself to be. Believing in yourself allows your spirit to guide you higher and highter into self awareness and understanding.  Free to be you as you soar in the sky, your sense of freedom inspires others to take flight and celebrate who they are .