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 Can we continue to sow seeds of love when we are feeling depleted within ourselves?



At times in our life we wonder how we can rise above the challenges that face us. We may feel so emotionally depleted it is difficult to recognise the beauty and wonder of life. For myself it comes down to our willingness to change our mindset. If we are not able to sift our focus within ourselves then the outside world contains endless examples of willingness that can  inspire us. 

photo (36) This lone flower demonstrates its willingness to survive within concrete. As I observed this tiny flower on my morning walk ,I thought that it must be a struggle to survive in such harsh conditions. Then I realised that although it was surrounded by concrete its roots were being nurtured because they were firmly within the embrace of Mother Earth. So too we are essentially nurtured by Mother Earth, the sun rises each day to give us light and sets to enable us to rest.



A wonderful example of willingness took place on a train trip. Our train was stopped by a large tree branch across the track. Buses were to replace the train which meant a much longer trip to Sydney. Lots of passengers mumbled and grumbled about the delays. Accepting the changes I walked onto the platform to wait. Before long I noticed a lady with a small group surrounding her. Curious about what was happening I joined the small group and discovered they were watching the lady paint. Later when I chatted to the lady she explained to me that the reason she and her teenage son were on the train was because he had refused to board the plane they had booked for their trip to Brisbane. Her special needs son disliked crowds so the mother thought a train cabin was the best option. The family was returning to Brisbane where the recent bushfires had destroyed their home. As her son was sleeping the mum ( A portrait artist ) decided to make the most of the delay and paint the portrait of two passengers.The elderly woman in the picture loved it so much she bought the painting. As she did so the elderly lady explained she had just returned from overseas where she had her portrait painted in Paris. Sadly she left that portrait on a train. The elderly lady went on to say that she loved the picture painted by the lady at the station so much more than the portrait she had lost.



Not only was I inspired by the willingness of this amazing artist to make the most of the situation, I felt honoured and enriched by the experience. Seeds of love and respect were planted on a railway platform that day as strangers laughed and shared stories. No one noticed the delay rather we all focused on enjoying the moment.

When you plant seeds of love, it’s you that blossoms. ~ Ma Jay Sati Bhagauati






The adventure of life is to Learn.

The purpose of life is to Grow.

The challenge of life is to Overcome.

The essense of life is to Care.

The opportunity of life is to Serve.

The secret of life is to Dare.

The spice of life is to Befriend.

The beauty of life is to Give.

The joy of life is to Love.

~ William Arthur Ward.





The beauty of light.


How beautiful is the light that shines on this lovely flower . While the flower alone is quite stunning, the light that shines on it adds another dimension to that beauty as it emphasises the richness and structure of each individual part of the whole.

In our own lives we reflect our light to the world, as times that light might seem dim to you , however the richness and depth of that light always remains, even if we do not see it. The beauty of who you are when you open to your true nature ; warms and nurture’s those around you. The gleam in your eye, the brightness of your presence may give strength  and hope to another. The love and light you are touches everything around you .


    “A candle loses none of its light by lighting another “~ Rumi 

Ageless Love

Is morning a magical time for you? Are you an early riser who loves to be there at sunrise? Living close to the water is a blessing many people enjoy. Walkers, joggers, bike riders, mums and dad’s with prams take advantage of the walking traces around the bay where I live.There is a buoyancy about the early morning, as strangers wish each other a “Good Morning ” as they pass by. Of all those who I meet along my path there is one particular couple who capture my heart.


They are an elderly couple who are always holding hands and are completely immersed  in each other. My heart does a flip each time I see them walking together as their devotion and love for each other shines out like a bright star in the evening sky. The couple remind me of a time when I held a warm, strong hand in mine. While that strong hand is no longer there, the memory and warmth always remain.

After all love is forever. Love is ageless.   Final image for poem no 2

Strong and gentle aspects compliment each other in life.

Each time I see this lovely image I enjoy the contrast of the soft, tender foliage against the strong bold rock.

Image 6

How beautifully the tender and the strong compliment each other, side by side. Nature shows use that we can be in harmony with both aspects of our nature. In life there is a time to stand firm and strong in our beliefs, to stay true to who we are. Yet our heart is able to remain tender and open to life’s harsh elements, when we find peace in what is.

Wisdom of a tiny flower.

Wisdom of a tiny flower.

“How did this sweet flower manage to grow in amongst a concrete path?” I wondered as I stopped for a moment on my morning walk. The gentle breeze caught the fragile face of the flower each time I tried to take a picture. In the end I gave up tying to make the flower look perfect ! It was as if the dainty flower was showing me that it’s okay . “I can withstand all that comes my way and still thrive. There is enough soil and sufficient nutrients for me to bloom in this harsh spot . If you could just see beneath the concrete you would see that Mother Earth herself holds me in her warm embrace . Knowing that I am held is all I need to share my unique beauty with the world.”