How will you paint your day? With love, joy and gratitude ?


Regardless if it’s rain, hail or shine each day is a blank canvas upon which you paint your day. Your attitude guides the stroke of your brush and the colour and experience you bring to your day. May your day be filled with joy, love and gratitude.

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At times we may feel sad that we didn’t achieve our goal or missed out on an oppurtunity . Its easy to look at others with envy, yet honouring and celebrating the success of others opens our heart to our own future success.

Supporting one another

Have you felt at times that you were standing alone; like a single tree alone in a paddock?  I felt that way also, partly because I was very independent and enjoyed doing things myself. However the time came when my mind , body and spirit were so deleted I not longer had the capacity to stand alone, and needed to stand amongst like minded others.  photo (6)

Since that challenging time I have learnt to reach out for support and nourishment from those around me . I doing so I have come to understand the power of standing together, and now enjoy being encircled within a supportive network . Nature has allowed us to bare witness to the benefit that supporting those around you offers.  Recent research has revealed that in a forest, the trees provide a underground support network of roots and fungi that share carbon, water and nutrients with other trees and that rather than survival of the fitness, trees help and support other trees to survive.  Larger trees can communicate and help smaller trees. So much so that a dying tree will transfere its nutrients to other trees, until it falls.

People can only live fully by helping others to live ~ Daisaku Ikeda

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Living from a tender heart.



            What does it mean to live from a tender heart? 

Love and acceptance is a natural part of who we are as human being. Having worked in childcare I was surrounded each day by love and acceptance. It was this acceptance and unconditional  love that helped me to heal deep wounds. Over time that inner voice of ours may become a critic as self judgement and judgement of others becomes a way of life. How can we change old patterns ?

1 ) Begin to praise rather than criticise your actions.

2 )  Be gentle with yourself.

3)  Learn to accept others for who they are.

4)  See the life around you as a reflection of who you are.

4)  Expand your awareness of self and those around you.


Blossom QuotesOur attitude I believe is our most powerful tool, and the open door to a Tender Heart. Fortunately our attitude can be changed by the willingness to see life through kinder eyes~ beginning with yourself. While it may take time; especially when your inner critic had become set. I began with a simple goal ~ to be able to accept a compliment. Previously I would disarm any compliment I was given. Once I came to see a compliment as a gift, I found that it felt good to accept a compliment. How will you find a way to be kinder to yourself ?

   With our thoughts we make the world ~ Budda   

Nothing is lost.


At times we struggle with moving forward, sometimes we feel we are going backward. Yet consciousness can only move forward. Nothing is lost. Just as the chrysalis safeguards a butterfly through the next stage of its growth ; we continue to grow and develop even when we wish to “cocoon” ourselves. So too the bear gives birth to its young during hibernation. As with all creatures , there is a time to enter “The Silence ”



This silence or void is a place of infinite possibilities. A place to rest and nourish our hearts and minds. Our thoughts, dreams and life experiences made us  who we are, and will sustain us in creating new ideas and new beginning. Patience and kindness to self will enable you to move forward one again.

If you build castle in the air, your work s not lost, that is where it should be. Now put new foundations under them.~ Henry D Thoreau.

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The beauty of light.


How beautiful is the light that shines on this lovely flower . While the flower alone is quite stunning, the light that shines on it adds another dimension to that beauty as it emphasises the richness and structure of each individual part of the whole.

In our own lives we reflect our light to the world, as times that light might seem dim to you , however the richness and depth of that light always remains, even if we do not see it. The beauty of who you are when you open to your true nature ; warms and nurture’s those around you. The gleam in your eye, the brightness of your presence may give strength  and hope to another. The love and light you are touches everything around you .


    “A candle loses none of its light by lighting another “~ Rumi 

Ageless Love

Is morning a magical time for you? Are you an early riser who loves to be there at sunrise? Living close to the water is a blessing many people enjoy. Walkers, joggers, bike riders, mums and dad’s with prams take advantage of the walking traces around the bay where I live.There is a buoyancy about the early morning, as strangers wish each other a “Good Morning ” as they pass by. Of all those who I meet along my path there is one particular couple who capture my heart.


They are an elderly couple who are always holding hands and are completely immersed  in each other. My heart does a flip each time I see them walking together as their devotion and love for each other shines out like a bright star in the evening sky. The couple remind me of a time when I held a warm, strong hand in mine. While that strong hand is no longer there, the memory and warmth always remain.

After all love is forever. Love is ageless.   Final image for poem no 2