Do you believe in EARTH ANGELS ? Earth Angels are often people who cross your path for just a moment in time, but in that short moment they leave an imprint on your heart.


It was NEW YEARS EVE and I was going to celebrate with a friend at her home in one of my favourite places – Cronulla Beach. As I waited at the bus stop I thought about the year to come. Each year I knew the right calender would find me. And it did ! Tranquility was just what I needed in 2017. Such a lovely word tranquility...  it sounds so calming you can almost float on the energy it conveys of peace, quiteness, stillness…  After an emotionally  turblant year I was happy to see the back of 2016… yes tranquility felt good ~ it is my publishing name after all.

The insight I had gained of self was all the memory I wished to remember of 2016. Checking  to see if the bus was coming over the hill  I noticed an elderly lady making her way to the bus stop. Her cane followed the footpath closely, guiding her to her destination. We exchanged greeting as the lady settled beside me. Behind her sunglasses I noticed her left eye remained closed ~ damaged I wondered ? Once settled she asked me where I was heading. We chatted for a while and then she said “You need to show your true colours in  2017…” A little surprised I thanked her for her message. “Do you follow astrology?” I asked her. “No” she replied gently in a matter of fact way ” I just know things, I always have! I worked as a councilor and hynothripst for many years. I love being out and travel to the Blue Mountains regulary to spend time at a centre for young people with disabilities. We chatted until the bus arrived. ” I am not just a blind old lady ! “she told me as we parted. “My name is Jill. Remember to show your true colours .. ! ”

Peacock magic I knew was about showing you true self to the world. For years a peacock had visited my daughters horse paddock. One time when Mr Peacock ( as we named him) came to visit he had almost finished molting.  To my delight his last two beautiful  feathers dropped close to me before he walked away. It’s not always easy to show your true self especailly when you are processing deep pain. What I did manage to do in 2016 was say yes to a few invitations when I was still feeling emotinally depleted. That yes has carried me forward on a positive note into the New Year. Click on link to see more about the symbolic meaning of peacock   Symbol of peacock

peacockimg_3936My yes in 2016 enabled me to be able to share with you that I am a contributing author to #365LiftsShifts available on 22nd Feb 2017. This beautiful book shares moments that changed lives in a postive and powerful way.

May 2017 be filled with joy and may the year unfold with ease and grace.


Blessings Pauline

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 Are you aware of the power your tears hold to heal and cleanse your Heart and Soul?


Do you honour your tears ? When I wrote my autobiography I spoke of razor blade tears, tears cried in pain and sadness. Now mostly my tears are those of joy at the beauty and wonder of life. Have you thought about the importance of tears ? Do you find  tears come easily or do your hold onto your tears? Last week I came across this lovely Bird of Paradise Flower with what appeared to be a tear running down a stained face. Never had I seen such a wonder. As I  have always associated the bird of paradise flower with the seahorse I stopped to contemplate this tender sight and wondered about its significance to me. I have always associated the bird of paradise with the seahorse  because it was so upright and proud like the tiny seahorse. In mythology the seahorse is associated with  Patience, Protection, High-Perception and Contentment.

Never in nature had I seen such a tear as the one on this Bird of Paradise Flower. When I thought about the significance of tears in our lives, I was reminded that just before my mother parted this earth a single silver tear rolled down her pale cheek. As I held my mother’s hand I was aware how beautiful she looked and was unaware that she had no pulse until I saw that beautiful tear on her check ~ in that moment I knew. My mothers passing was such a gift. Having only experienced death only as a traumatic and  heart-wrenching experience, my mother’s dignified death showed my self and my family the unspoken beauty in dying.

Death came to the one I love; lifting her on high 

To a rainbow bridge of light, beyond all fear.

Death came to the one I love; in a tender loving way 

Guiding her amongst the stars where Angels love to play.

Triumph of Joy

There was a time I was afraid of my tears because I felt my endless tears would empty me of life,  yet I came to understand that our tears cleanse our soul. I love sharing this beautiful Native American saying…

                              “The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears” ..images ~Rainbow

How often do we see tears as a weakness? One of the happiest memories I have of my father was in Singapore. My mother worked for the red cross and we were attending a concert put on by special needs children. As I sat next to my father he was so touched by the beauty of the children, tears were streaming down his face. My father was not ashamed of his tears and I loved him even more for that.


   ~ RUMI 

The Health Benefit of Tears 





Blessing to you Pauline


Have you been in despair and though you were alone in your pain ?


This week my podcast  went live. Like so many souls in despair I felt alone and at breaking point during a challenging time in my life.  One evening in utter despair I cried out for help. To my delight my prayers were answered. It’s not possible to put into words the feeling of experiencing a divine visit, expect to say it brings  blissful peace and joy to the troubled mind. The message I received was “You are not alone “ The beauty and wonder of those words reconnected me to the Hope that I could find the strength to continue. As things unfolded I did find the strength to endure heartbreak and pain and to return to a place of joy within.

Angels come in all shapes and sizes , it may be soul whispers, the voice of a stranger, a butterfly alighting on you, an unexpected phone call. We are all connected on the web of life. There are are many wonderful books out there to help your interpret a visit from one of nature’s creatures . One very special book  I love helped me.

fullsizerender-4 We are unique beings, my way may not be your way, however I do believe there is guidance for all when we reach out for peace of mind. It may be the roar of the ocean, a beautiful sunset, a support group,  book, a movie or one of your beloved pets that can help you find that inner peace. The important thing is ask for help and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Blessing to you my friend.



 Can we continue to sow seeds of love when we are feeling depleted within ourselves?



At times in our life we wonder how we can rise above the challenges that face us. We may feel so emotionally depleted it is difficult to recognise the beauty and wonder of life. For myself it comes down to our willingness to change our mindset. If we are not able to sift our focus within ourselves then the outside world contains endless examples of willingness that can  inspire us. 

photo (36) This lone flower demonstrates its willingness to survive within concrete. As I observed this tiny flower on my morning walk ,I thought that it must be a struggle to survive in such harsh conditions. Then I realised that although it was surrounded by concrete its roots were being nurtured because they were firmly within the embrace of Mother Earth. So too we are essentially nurtured by Mother Earth, the sun rises each day to give us light and sets to enable us to rest.



A wonderful example of willingness took place on a train trip. Our train was stopped by a large tree branch across the track. Buses were to replace the train which meant a much longer trip to Sydney. Lots of passengers mumbled and grumbled about the delays. Accepting the changes I walked onto the platform to wait. Before long I noticed a lady with a small group surrounding her. Curious about what was happening I joined the small group and discovered they were watching the lady paint. Later when I chatted to the lady she explained to me that the reason she and her teenage son were on the train was because he had refused to board the plane they had booked for their trip to Brisbane. Her special needs son disliked crowds so the mother thought a train cabin was the best option. The family was returning to Brisbane where the recent bushfires had destroyed their home. As her son was sleeping the mum ( A portrait artist ) decided to make the most of the delay and paint the portrait of two passengers.The elderly woman in the picture loved it so much she bought the painting. As she did so the elderly lady explained she had just returned from overseas where she had her portrait painted in Paris. Sadly she left that portrait on a train. The elderly lady went on to say that she loved the picture painted by the lady at the station so much more than the portrait she had lost.



Not only was I inspired by the willingness of this amazing artist to make the most of the situation, I felt honoured and enriched by the experience. Seeds of love and respect were planted on a railway platform that day as strangers laughed and shared stories. No one noticed the delay rather we all focused on enjoying the moment.

When you plant seeds of love, it’s you that blossoms. ~ Ma Jay Sati Bhagauati




Image 2Does the Natural World help you to source your inner joy?

Recently a friend of mind had a visit from a Rainbow Lorikeet who did exactly that ~ enabled her to reconnect with her inner joy. My friend rang me and explained excitedly that her heart had been weighed down with concern for the day ahead when a single Lorikeet landed close by and sang to her. As she watch the bight and beautiful bird she felt her spirit lighten. Touched  and grateful for the visit of the joyful lorikeet she felt much happier about the day ahead. To read about the spiritual meaning of Rainbow Lorikeet click here.

The Rainbow Lorikeet is a lively, social, fun loving bird that bring colour and joy into our lives. These fast moving, nectar loving birds have adapted to change by sourcing food in areas such as backyards where flowering plants and trees provide the food they enjoy. Rainbow Lorikeets nest in hollows in trees, such hollows enable new life to burst forth.



At a time in my life when my spirit was broken, it was the creatures of this world, especially birds who filled those empty hollows in my soul.

Learning to make peace with our past and coming to terms with trauma can leave you feeling broken. When I felt lost and alone, I spent time in the Blue Mountains sitting for hours, filling the empty spaces in my soul with the joy and aliveness that birds bring to our world. The freedom that birds inspire can help us to lighten our spirit.  To read my story of reconnecting to Inner Joy through the Natural World click on Triumph of Joy 





How often do we miss what is in front of us because we are looking elsewhere?


Do you  usually notice a beautiful rose swaying in the breeze as you walk by? Does its beauty make you smile, or  want to stop and smell its sweet scent ?  I  know  I do !  So often I take photos of flowers or images that inspire me because of their beauty. But what of the things that we do not notice on our morning walk or at other times?

Other interesting things are there ~ yet we pay them no attention!

One stunning summer morning as I looked out across the beautiful blue of the nearby bay, I breathed in the fresh morning air and felt the joy of being alive. As I filled myself with that moment I looked down and noticed three mushrooms (or toadstools). In that moment I was transfixed by the small mushrooms and realised that my eyes were normally drawn to colour and movement. Continuing to observe them I focuded on one in particular and  took in its colour, texture, shape and size.   The mushroom did not stand out but was simply there living quietly in the earth. ..Image 5

Each mushroom was perfect in its own right and needed no validation from me!

   ” I am not a rose and that’s okay”…. they seemed to say.

Thank you little mushrooms for BEING , I whispered in appreciation I will remember each aspect of life has an important part to play ~  What part does Mushroom play in nature?


This lesson from the Natural World is included in my mini ebook Natures Wisdom which can be download for free on my website Triumph of Joy






 How often do we just look at the front of a beautiful flower ?



While out walking one morning I came across a frangipani flower upside down on the road in front of me. For some reason I stopped to take a look at the flower and found myself picking it up. As I held the dainty flower I looked at the colour, shape and design. In doing so I noticed the back of the flower was beautiful and of course an important part of the whole. Focusing on the underneath of the flower made me realise that I had never taken the time to look behind the initial beauty of one of my favourite flowers. If I did find a frangipani upside down, I would turn the flower over to enjoy its fragrance.





With the dainty frangipani still cradled in my hand I stopped to sit down on a bench overlooking the bay. As I gazed across the bay sailing boats rocked gently two and fro on their moorings, silhouetted against a  blue sky. In that precious moment my thoughts returned to my frangipani.photoFrangipani The reality dawned on me, that so many times in life we only see the front of something without seeking what may lie behind the surface.


FullSizeRenderSo often we take what we see for granted and may not explore the makeup of the whole. It may be a challenge we face , a decision to be made , an emotional issue that is blocking us. On the surface what we see or feel may be an automatic reaction stemming from our personal life experience yet in reality there is so much more. As I continued on my morning walk I made a note to myself to remember frangipani’s lesson.

In truth we can discover wonderful experiences in the lest expected places. So much beauty lies behind our understanding. For other messages from the natural world visit .Nature’s Wisdom