What if the veil between self belief and self doubt was as fine as gossamer?


As we struggle with self doubt , we often feel weighted down and unmotivated. In our heart we know that we have so much to give of our true self, yet things may not have unfolded in life the way we had hoped.  Self doubt then blocks us from our own light.  What if the veil between self doubt and self belief is as fine as a ray of light? That it could evaporate suddenly leaving us feeling uplifted again?  Just like clouds hide the sun’s brilliant rays, self belief is shining brightly behind our cloud of self doubt. We are that beautiful light waiting to shine when we remain open to life experiences, even at the darkest moments. It is often in those dark moments when we are feeling depleted, when we have almost give up on following our hearts longing, that magic can happen.Remaining opening to all that life offers, saying yes to opportunities even when in doubt can enable us to shine as brightly as the living promise of who we are.

Like many people this year I have experienced an emotional tsunami. Feeling drained and spent I was contacted to be interviewed by Sheri Myers from The Glitch Movie.  Fortunately I said Yes even though my self belief was diminished I wished to remain open to life’s magic. Emotional exhaustion can leave us deleted, yet behind that exhaustion lies the living promise that pulses strongly in all hearts. To my delight I was guided beautifully by Sheri in our interview as her belief in me radiated warmth and joy. Stepping out of our own way and seeing ourselves through the eyes of another is like the sun returning after a bleak winter.

Untitled As I shared my story with Sheri I realised that we all love to hear about people who have overcome pain and trauma. Once again I came to believe  my life experiences had the power to plant a seed of hope in the heart of another.  To buy a copy of Triumph of Joy  

Blessing Pauline


           Have you ever felt that you were never going to achieve your desired dream?

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You work conscientiously and seem to be constantly moving forward, yet when you look up for a moment it appears you are no closer to your goal! At times inspired thought moves you forward, you feel energised and thrilled with your progress and even though you can’t see the end in sight you know it’s there on other side of the bridge you are building.Then there are days when self doubt seeps into your soul and your dream seems to disappear before your eyes as your bridge of positive intentions melts away.




Recently I decided to walk across a bridge which appeared from the distance to have a gentle sweeping incline.The fact that the bridge appeared to have a gentle incline was not the reason I chose to walk  over it – rather it’s the perception I had of the the Gladesville Bridge  Having made the decision to walk  the bridge, I set out with a good pair of hiking boots, great enthusiasm and a bright blue sky above.Surrounded by panoramic views of the numerous magnificent bays  that thread their way along the Parramatta River,I looked forward to my adventure. My heart filled with gratitude as I strode purposely ahead.


Before long I realised,the ascent was much steeper than the perception I had created in my mind.   “ That’s great.” I thought as I strode along.  “An even better workout .”  To my surprise not only did the arch of the bridge continue to steepen, but  before too long I had to lean in to stay upright. On and on and on  I walked … So steep did the bridge walk become I began looking forward to seeing the top of the arch, just so I could gauge the true length of the bridge.

“There has to be a point.”  I told myself  “Where I  will be able to see where I am in relation to the other side of the river.”  In an endeavour not to focus too much on seeing  the other side I  focused fully on enjoyed the walking experience,the expansive blue sky,  the    beautiful bay below.  Yet no matter how many steps I took no  halfway point appeared for me to gauge my position.

In truth there was no midway ~ I had not idea how close I was to my destination until I arrived.

 FullSizeRenderIn a light bulb moment , it occurred to me that is what life’s journey is about . Do  we not constantly monitor our process as we built our bridge of  positive intentions?  Do we not constantly question ourselves as to where we are in relation to our dream?  During my bridge walk, although I was unable to see  my destination ~ it magically manifested.