Speak and Shine

   Your voice is unique in the cosmos.  Learning  to speak in public may open doors you never believed possible.
 Our Mission at Speak and Shine is to support and inspire you to speak with joy and ease. Confident communication can change your life. The words you share may impact other people more than you  imagine. Positive words uplift and inspire other people and enhance your sense of well-being.
Kathryn  Shah and Pauline Hosie / nee Robinson  offer  “Speak and Shine “Workshops   tailored to support you as you develop confident communication skills through storytelling, effective presentation, audience engagement and speech structure.  Joining  our Speak and Shine Workshops will provide you with effective tools and guidelines required for public speaking.
 What people are saying  about Pauline  Hosie/ nee Robinson  (www.triumphofjoy.com)
 Author and Public Speaker .( Advanced Toastmaster – Silver )
“Pauline spoke beautifully and from the heart, and kept everyone mesmerized with her words. Many people came forward after her talk, saying how much they enjoyed her way of reaching out to them.” ~ Dorothy Essex (Melbourne)
Learning to utalise the tools required for public speaking gave me the confidence to look within and value my own belief system. public speaking helped me to understand the true power of our words and enabled me to find the courage to write my autobiography. As I dared to to dream again , I was inspired to share my story and to support others with their dreams.”
Speak&Shine~Pauline&Kathryn (2)
What people saying about about Kathryn Shah . English Teacher ( http://www.kathrynshah.com/)
“Kathryn is the true example of how to overcome your deepest fears. Kathryn for me is all but Inspirational! I admire her work and determination, believe and know she is more than capable of helping you to transform your lives. “~ Thomas Kubinec ( Sydney )“Finding my inner voice has been life transforming and enabled me to teach people from all over the world.”~ Kathryn Shah
 To  find out about Speak and Shine workshop visit : https://www.facebook.com/SpeakAndShine?ref=hKathryn

2 thoughts on “Speak and Shine

  1. Looking forward to Speak and Shine and all the beautiful, inspiring guidance these two wonderful souls offer.
    This really showcases their ability to assists others to not only speak publicly, but to shine like a star!

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