Hi , I am Pauline Hosie Robinson.

How often have you struggled with a challenging situation and found that by going for a walk, looking out to sea or simply watching a bird, you are able to see further than the tangled web of your mind? Nature fills us with aliveness and grounds us into the present moment. As we reside in that moment we can made peace with what is,  knowing that there is a solution to what troubles us, or we can choose our attitude to what cannot be changed.

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A little about my early years : My life has been one of adventure. I burst into this world full of energy, an endless energy that served me well throughout my life, particularly as an AirForce child. Due to my passion for sport I was accepted quickly into the numerous schools I attended. A deep love of animals and the natural world nurtured my soul.  At the age of fourteen my father was posted to Singapore where we lived within  a Kampong ( Malay village) Singapore opened my eyes to a richness of colour, food, culture and spiritual beliefs that imprinted on my soul .


A wife and  mother :Married at nineteen to a Duntroon cadet , I focused on maintaining my individuality. While living in Singapore, this time  with my husband and two children, I learnt to paint in oils. My dream of becoming a professional artist faded as my love for my husband was tested. Each day became a huge challenge. My husband was diognosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After his traumatic death,  I lived in limbo, my beloved dogs my companions in pain. Blessed with a wonderful  family and caring friends it was their love which enabled me to break open that cocoon as I learnt to live again.


Self~healing  To my delight many teachers came my way to share their wisdom as I sought to find the joy once again.  My willingness to open myself to the beauty and wonder of this world was encouraged by a  wonderful Shaman ~ Medicine Crow.  A year or so after my husband’s death I began my autobiography “Triumph of Joy” ~in an endeavour to inspire others to believe they too were able to transmute past pain into love. Writing helped me to touch on the deepest part of my pain and enabled me to come to know myself.

When we are in despair there seems no way out, yet the Human Spirit , like a diamond forged under great pressure is destined to shine .

My books ~


  What people are saying about Triumph of Joy.

“From the moment I turned the cover of this amazing insight into Pauline’s journey, I could not put it down! ~ tears poured like rain within the first 10 pages. The opening of the heart she described was so beautiful, so stunningly beautiful; like rainbows they fell unable to be contained .I had just begun studying Transpersonal Counselling at the time and as I read page after page, the insights and deep awarenesses, the healing, the honesty and humility , the rawness and simultaneous capacity of the human spirit to rise above enormous adversity overwhelmed me…What struck me as incredible, was I witnessed so many of the aspects of inner separation that we’d spoken about in class and yet she did her healing solo; sending out a ‘calling’ into the Universe and listening with every sense of her being, to the answers and echoes which returned.Over time and using numerous spiritual insights and the healing power of nature; Pauline healed her pain, transforming it to joy and magic.”~Karnie Kamala. To buy a copy of Triumph of Joy go to ~http://www.triumphofjoy.com/

Free PDF of Nature’s Wisdom available on website. Book cover 8

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Loves Refection is available on ~ https://itunes.apple.com/au/book/loves-reflection/id1034614144?mt=13

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  1. “to inspire others to believe they too were able to transmute past pain into love.” … what a beautiful and powerful mission. I agree that all of our disharmonies can be transmuted back into love. ❤

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