Can we continue to sow seeds of love when we are feeling depleted within ourselves?



At times in our life we wonder how we can rise above the challenges that face us. We may feel so emotionally depleted it is difficult to recognise the beauty and wonder of life. For myself it comes down to our willingness to change our mindset. If we are not able to sift our focus within ourselves then the outside world contains endless examples of willingness that can  inspire us. 

photo (36) This lone flower demonstrates its willingness to survive within concrete. As I observed this tiny flower on my morning walk ,I thought that it must be a struggle to survive in such harsh conditions. Then I realised that although it was surrounded by concrete its roots were being nurtured because they were firmly within the embrace of Mother Earth. So too we are essentially nurtured by Mother Earth, the sun rises each day to give us light and sets to enable us to rest.



A wonderful example of willingness took place on a train trip. Our train was stopped by a large tree branch across the track. Buses were to replace the train which meant a much longer trip to Sydney. Lots of passengers mumbled and grumbled about the delays. Accepting the changes I walked onto the platform to wait. Before long I noticed a lady with a small group surrounding her. Curious about what was happening I joined the small group and discovered they were watching the lady paint. Later when I chatted to the lady she explained to me that the reason she and her teenage son were on the train was because he had refused to board the plane they had booked for their trip to Brisbane. Her special needs son disliked crowds so the mother thought a train cabin was the best option. The family was returning to Brisbane where the recent bushfires had destroyed their home. As her son was sleeping the mum ( A portrait artist ) decided to make the most of the delay and paint the portrait of two passengers.The elderly woman in the picture loved it so much she bought the painting. As she did so the elderly lady explained she had just returned from overseas where she had her portrait painted in Paris. Sadly she left that portrait on a train. The elderly lady went on to say that she loved the picture painted by the lady at the station so much more than the portrait she had lost.



Not only was I inspired by the willingness of this amazing artist to make the most of the situation, I felt honoured and enriched by the experience. Seeds of love and respect were planted on a railway platform that day as strangers laughed and shared stories. No one noticed the delay rather we all focused on enjoying the moment.

When you plant seeds of love, it’s you that blossoms. ~ Ma Jay Sati Bhagauati




10 thoughts on “SOWING SEEDS OF LOVE

  1. What a beautiful post, Pauline. I felt the energy of the group on the platform through your words and enjoyed, along with them, how a hassle turned into a special treat of connection and appreciation. I think ‘willingness’ is a great word, and present to the beauty of the moment.

    • Thank you so much Reba ! There is so much more to the story . The elderly lady was a diplomat and the young man in the painting from the middle east. We all ended up discussing Rumi’s poetry and all sorts of wonderful things. I value the word ‘willingness ‘and love that you shared how willingness feels to you.

  2. So true, it’s about our willingness to change our mindset. This was an awesome example of how an infuriating incident became a chance to reach out to others because the people involved were willing to see the opportunity in it. Very inspiring.

  3. The ‘willingness’ to be open to what is around you is what brings joy, sometimes unexpected pleasures such as your train/platform. Not all the bystanders engaged in a Rumi conversation, did they? Like people find one another in crowds. Lovely story.

  4. Thank you Pauline, i always feel that any delay in travel plans is accepted by me , there is always a reason not always visible in the greater plan for our lives
    love the story

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